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                   Art to Screen Service - Your designs on Screen Ready to Print

Invest in Excellence - For all your screen printing needs & Requirements


We can set you up with your own equipment - Clubs, Groups, business, Hobby or personal.

Create your own Identity

Art To Screen set-up , Screen reclaiming and remeshing

Various frame size and mesh available, Aluminium frame size's can be made to order Quick lock or welded corners. Call for Quotation

Mesh Types, 32T white, 43T white, 61T white, 77T white, 90T white, 100T white, 110T white, 120HT Yellow mesh

We can help you Screen print your own Design

Financial Benefits

Screen printing garments is a great way to back up your income. We have helped Many  set up with their printing needs and they doing very well and have returned for further consumable products. Not just a returned customer but now a friend.

We have packages to suit every budget not to mention Technical assistance and friendly advice while learning to print.

Own your own business, Be your own boss. Full time or part time, its a great way to supplement your income.


About Us

Founded in 2005 as a home part time business, iprint engineering or formerly known as print-x-site quickly & firmly established itself as a inspiring Screen Printing Manufacturer and Supplier to the home hobbyist and businesses.

Engineered & Manufactured by us with previous 15 years working in the printing industry and the last 5 years in the engineering Trade Allowing us to provide printing equipment with best value, Reliability, Serviceability and overall profitability with a machine that can add to your pocket.

We stand behind our products & offer a complete Guarantee of Satisfaction.

We Are Located at Newborough, Victoria and provide a online active service.

You can contact us via email:- iprinteng@gmail.com